Safety and Training Committee

The NCAMES Safety and Training Committee meets quarterly. These sessions last a day and a half with the meeting locations rotating each time between cities in the east and west.

This committee is comprised of Public Power linemen, supervisors and utility directors from member cities and towns that provide assistance at ElectriCities’ Safety and Training Schools as well as the NCAMES Conference. The Committee’s main focus is to promote safety and training throughout municipalities associated with North Carolina Electric Systems.

Below is a list of topics generally discussed during each meeting. These topics include but are not limited to:

  • A report from the NCAMES Board of Directors
  • OSHA Updates
  • ElectriCities Schools
  • Vendor Safety Demonstrations
  • Rodeo Events @ NCAMES Conference
  • Lineman Career Development Committee Report
  • APPA Safety Manual Review
  • Near Miss Accidents
  • Host City Tour

These are just a few of the items we address, plus we promote an open, informal setting to foster discussion about anything a committee member may choose.

Everyone associated with NCAMES and ElectriCities is welcome to attend. I believe you can gain a lot of valuable information at these meetings. In addition, you can initiate important relationships with others around the state that can become of great value for you and your city in the future.


Darryl Strother (Rocky Mount)

Ken Weatherman (Apex)

Jon Rose